What is the CBHC?

The Community Behavioral Health Conference (CBHC) is a community event intended to further educate and inform Grayson County citizens of the issues surrounding mental health and helping to create a bright future with the help of like-minded individuals working together to create a more optimistic tomorrow and strengthen the mental health journey.

The 2019 CBHC is just around the corner and there are some excellent speakers lined up for the event. Come hear Candy Finnigan, author and interventionist who made regular appearances on A&E's show Intervention, along with other great speakers. The conference is February 28th and seating is limited.

This event is an opportunity for community members to come together and share in a conversation about mental health. Strengthening the journeys that others walk, removing stigmas, offering resources and hope, informing, supporting, and celebrating progress.



Heather Candace "Candy" Finnigan

Candy Finnigan is an interventionist and recovery addiction specialist regularly seen on A&E’s Intervention. She has been active in different areas of recovery for more than 25 years. A member of the Association of Intervention Specialists, a certified Master Addiction Counselor III and a Board Registered Interventionist II, Candy has the passion, love and qualifications needed to help those on the path to recovery.


Vanita Halliburton

Vanita Halliburton is co-founder and executive chairman of Grant Halliburton Foundation, a nonprofit established in 2006 following the suicide death of her son, Grant Halliburton.

Vanita is a frequent speaker on youth mental health and suicide prevention in schools, at professional conferences, and throughout the community. She speaks from the heart about her son’s battle with depression and bipolar disorder, his suicide at the age of 19, and the need for a collaborative and comprehensive approach to suicide prevention in our community.

She is a recipient of Mental Health America’s 2018 Child Advocate Prism Award, Southwest Jewish Council’s Audrey Kaplan Inspiring Women of the Southwest Award, Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians Special Service Award, and Sierra Tucson’s Hope Recognition.

Dan Powers.jpg

Dan Powers

Dan has more than 30 years of experience working in the field of child abuse, sex offenders, and family violence. Dan frequently testifies as an expert witness in state and federal courts and also has testified on several occasions before Texas legislative committees. He has been appointed by the governor on two occasions to state agency boards and currently serves as Chairman of the Texas Children’s Justice Act Task Force. Dan has made numerous presentations at major national and regional conferences on the sexual victimization of children, sex offenders, and the multi-disciplinary response to child abuse. He is best known for his spirited presentations on wellness and survival for child abuse and family violence professionals.



In Memory of Dr. Don Rodgers

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Dr. Don Rodgers was a beloved father, husband, and friend to many people in North Texas. Born in North Carolina, he earned his Ph.D. in political science at the University of Georgia. Dr. Rodgers spearheaded non-profit related work; directing and overseeing the birth of several non-profit organizations. These non-profits would see a large degree of success, due to the passion and dedication exhibited by their director, and bloom into invaluable facilities providing crucial resources.